Pattern #91


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Whole Healing

Human suffering arises from many sources, undermining clear presence and responsiveness. Collective dynamics of war, poverty, oppression, cultural narratives, and damaged, damaging environments dance with personal histories, beliefs, behaviors, physiologies, genetics …  So work towards healing people and their contexts — their individual and collective physical, social, narrative, and natural life-spaces.

  • What do you think health and healing have to do with wise democracy?
  • What makes people unhealthy? How many factors can we think of?
  • How far can we stretch our sense of such causes? How big is the picture of dis-ease, injury, degradation – and healing and wholeness?
  • What should we attend to if we truly want to make people whole?
  • What conditions would be most conducive to health for everyone now and in the future?
  • Who should we consider responsible for people’s state of wellbeing? What should they (we?) do to fulfill that responsibility?
  • Do you think there is such a thing as collective trauma? What examples can you think of? What has been or should be done about it?

Going Deeper …

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Examples and Resources

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