All the text in our website and printed card decks and inserts is licensed in 2019 under CC BY-SA 4.0 – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0. See that link for what you are free to do under that license and under what conditions.

However, our cards and web pages usually contain images.  The rights to the vast majority of those images are owned by others.  We purchased the rights to distribute them freely and to sell them in our card decks.

As we distribute all our materials freely, others may wish to newly reprint or republish them.  They can do that freely with the text materials but will have to get permission for reprinting or republishing any material that contains the photographs.  We have named the rights-holders of those photos on or near the images themselves, both on our cards* and on our web pages where they appear.  Unless otherwise specified, you should assume that you need to get permission from the copyright owner(s) before you can reuse any particular image.

Some of the images were made by us or were originally obtained under a creative commons license or public domain accessibility.  We have specified those images on our site wherever we can.  (Example: Images credited to Martin Rausch are CC BY-SA 4.0 – same as the text – and can be used on that basis.)   You should consider the information on our site the final word about image rights, after assuming that all images herein are restricted by copyright unless otherwise indicated.

*  You will notice the “image credits” indicator in the Key to the Cards picture below.  Sometimes the credits are hard to read due to surrounding colors and patterns.  In those cases, locate the appropriate pattern page on the website, where the credits appear clearly under the image, often as an active link.
Key to the Cards