These patterns are being considered for Version 3.0 of this Wise Democracy Pattern Language.  Further proposed patterns will be put here as they are developed by WDPL colleagues and are approved as serving the design of wise democracy.

To the extent we don’t know what we’re doing, we lose power to make a difference. Coherent group activity becomes as possible and powerful as we share a clear intention. So evoke that goal, purpose, or vision – or those values, priorities, issues or opportunities we are all passionate about.

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When collective life is working well, let it function automatically.  When it stops working well, use wise democracy patterns to help it function well again.  Use consciousness to spot needed change (disturbance) and to guide co-creation of new habits and cultures, which then become automatic.

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Examples and resources: Circle Forward’s Consent approach

Separateness, though often functional, is fundamentally an illusion.  Reality is interconnected and whole, and so are we.  So think and relate outside of boxes and silos, bridge polarities and issues, make boundaries conditional and permeable.  Reach into otherness and either/or to fathom, develop, and partake in the connections and co-creativity you discover.

Image-Credit: tomertu-Shutterstock