Pattern #14


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Complex Identity

Credits: Book: nuttakit – Shutterstock /  Face: Lia Koltyrina – Shutterstock / Relig. Symbols: Abscent – Shutterstock

Any entity — person, group, idea, system, etc. — can be known through its essence, character, boundaries, fruits, relationships, infinitude, and more. In and around every entity these dimensions coexist and coevolve. Much is lost through oversimplification. So honor, support, explore and engage many dimensions of everyone and everything.

Some questions for exploring this pattern:

  • How many dimensions of yourself and/or other people can you sense or identify? Which of those do you really think need to be taken into account, appreciated, or consulted? Why?
  • How may qualities and/or functions can you come up with for a given object in (y)our environment?
  • To what extent – and in what ways – can a person’s or object’s or idea’s connections (to other people, things, ideas, etc.) increase their value to us, individually and collectively? How does that work?
  • What would it mean to appreciate that? How can we actually use that? can we feel how it is true for ourselves? How many connections can we think of that influence who we are and what we do and could do?
  • How do you think about your essence, or the essence of other people, or the essence of a book or group or society?
  • What does this pattern mean for how we work for a better society?

Going Deeper …

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Examples and Resources

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