On this page you’ll find everything you need to download pdfs of the full deck and its accompanying materials.

Use these cards to support your own process as a campaign designer, public servant, visionary or change agent. Use them to enhance the power of collective action and the immense potential for collective wisdom among us all.

Sow the seeds of a wiser, more inclusive and participatory approach to governance. The pattern cards reflect many years of accumulated experience and deep thinking aimed at evoking and engaging the wisdom and resourcefulness of the whole on behalf of the whole. Much of the work we all do depends on conversations – quality interchanges by which we together envision, shape and begin to enact the world we desire – and these cards will help.

This breakthrough Wise Democracy Card Deck 2.0 can be YOURS!


DOWNLOAD the German version of:

The 3D Wise Democracy Model
> Das 3D Modell der weisen Demokratie – 1 S.

Wise Democracy’s Most Fundamental Principle
> Das grundlegende Prinzip der weisen Demokratie – 12 S.

The resolution is 300 ppi – standard-quality printing.

What you get with each Card Deck…

  • Card Deck of 105 cards
    (96 Pattern cards / 7 Categorical Question cards / 2 Fill-out-yourself pattern cards)
  • Foldout with an overview of all the patterns and category questions
  • Booklet explaining how to use the cards, important wise democracy theory and a mind-expanding glossary.

The purchasable printed decks come packaged in an elegantly labeled white box, suitable for sharing with colleagues and carrying to meetings and events.  Here we provide you with the downloadable label, but you’ll have to get your own box!

Wise Democracy Pattern Language

Key to the Cards

Each pattern card contains the name
and descriptive “heart” of the pattern,
an evocative image,
an assigned category and
seven related patterns.
Click on the image to see details.
Key to the Cards

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