Community of Practice

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Community of Practice

Since you are reading this, we assume that you are interested in the idea of a wise democracy – or at least that you will likely become interested once you recognize the very real possibilities and the reasoning behind them.  We welcome you to that exploration and invite your participation in its continued evolution.

We are offering the Wise Democracy Project and its primary tool – the Wise Democracy Pattern Language – as a stimulant for a larger ongoing collective inquiry and collaboration. Our aim is to establish a learning community of practice to (a) further develop the pattern language, (b) use it in many ways which we then share and discuss, and (c) periodically revise our collective knowledge here as times, challenges and contexts change.

As you explore this site and the pattern language cards, we encourage you to use the comment section at the bottom of most pages to share your responses, resources, edits, new pattern ideas, and anything else that you think we or other site visitors may find interesting.  We will be responding to and incorporating this input into the structure of the site as relevant, discussing the issues as we go.  We expect to work with committed collaborators to create a version 3.0 of the pattern language in a few years when resources and interest make it needed and possible.

We offer a newsletter covering

  • wise democracy theory
  • experiments, resources and best practices,
  • pattern developments
  • uses of the Wise Democracy Pattern Language, and
  • onsite and online events

To view sample Newsletters or sign up for them please go here.

We also offer events for project participants and others interested in the wise democracy vision and knowledge-base.

Over time we will be developing additional opportunities and forums for learning, networking and participating in this effort.

Background to Article on Community of Practice

Image by Sebastian Geiger Glashus. Usage by Courtesy of The Office for Future Related Issues in Vorarlberg Austria

Real-World Co-Intelligence
Community Learning Calls

Our monthly Community Learning calls are designed to highlight the connections between the work of practitioners and our CII frameworks. Calls include a mix of practitioner presentations, group dialogue, and insights from Tom Atlee relating to co-intelligence. Everyone is welcome to join.

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