Pattern #72


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Credit:  Graph: Martin Rausch / Paris 2050: Vincent Callebaut

Life involves ongoing movement towards new forms of wholeness, vitality and functionality. Illness, degradation and dysfunction call forth energies for healing, transformation and emergence. So nurture resilience and become conscious participants in regenerative dynamics that transform depletion, damage and dysfunction into renewal, discovery, and life-enhancing development.

  • What is important for us to understand about regenerative dynamics – personal, social, ecological, economic, and so on – and how they apply to our situation?
  • How can we be more resilient – or help our community or support systems be more resilient?
  • To what extent will the solutions we’re proposing help the systems we’re working with to heal and transform themselves in healthy ways?
  • How can we set things up so that it is easy for healthy responses to show up and be effective whenever our scene goes off the rails?
  • What kind of conflict resolution and justice systems would make it possible for things to be more life-enhancing after the upset or crime than they were before?

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