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Cooperative Ownership as Stewardship

Credits: Hands: Arthimedus – Shutterstock / Group: Ashland Cooperative / Earth: Kevin Gill – Wikimedia

Extractive/absentee ownership tends to undermine whole-system wellbeing. Ownership of a resource by those who cooperatively create, sustain and use it — especially when that ownership doesn’t restrict access — tends to engender whole-system wellbeing. So support broad ownership by stakeholder stewards willing and able to care for resources on behalf of all involved.

  • Do I feel – and/or actually have – ownership for this activity? What kind of energy or responsibility are (or would be) connected to that? Is it something I can/want to offer?
  • What dynamics do we notice when the owners of properties, resources or activities are distant from and uninvolved with them?
  • How can those who co-create the ongoing life and productivity of the enterprise be owners as well?
  • Who has a say in how the yields or benefits of this enterprise are used or distributed?
  • What forms of life energy have various people – or kinds of people – invested in this enterprise and what rights does that give them?
  • How can those involved in this enterprise “hold” their activities as intimately tied to the welfare of their larger community and world?

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