Pattern #5


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Bringing Understanding to Life

Credits: Earthrise – NASA-Wikipedia / Woman – Alamy

Dry, lifeless knowledge fails to draw people into dynamic understanding for individual and collective wellbeing. So nurture deep realization of important truths, and vitalize people and activities with arts, questions, reflections that draw people into energies and understandings that make sense of their lives and move them to wise action.

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  • How can we bring more aliveness to our teaching, learning, and understanding?
  • To what extent – and in what forms and ways – does the pursuit of deep understanding – beyond merely practical or theoretical knowledge – enrich our lives?
  • How can we nurture it?
  • How can we help people actually experience what’s important about certain understandings so that it shapes the way they think, feel and behave?

Going Deeper …

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Examples and Resources

“Music, art, literature, dance and film aren’t entertainment, nor light relief, nor are they background noise: these are the means by which complex ideas and feelings are communicated directly to people’s souls; they are how you engage and move people rather than just informing them.” –