Pattern #53


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Multi-Media Engagement

Audio, video, text, graphics … virtual, real … broadcasting, watching, reading, interacting, sharing … imagery, music, story, poetry, dance, games, drama, performance, conversation … Different strokes for different folks and different gifts from each. So understand appropriate uses of each engagement medium and their complementary powers to reach and engage more and more diverse people more and more fully.

  • What kinds of media do I most enjoy, value, relate to, and use?
  • What about other people – what works best for them? What forms of media are unavailable or unfamiliar to certain people?
  • What special gifts and limitations should we keep in mind about each of the various kinds of media that are available to us? How can they be synergized?
  • In light of our natural preferences and skills and the people we are trying to reach, what does that mean for the project we are trying to do?
  • Who do we know who are good at working with the various kinds of media we need to use?
  • What forms of communication and engagement would best communicate what’s important about this challenge to the people who are involved in it and/or should be involved in addressing it?

Going Deeper …

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Examples and Resources

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