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Integral Political Will

Credits: Rope: New Africa / Group top left: Kzenon – Shutterstock / Group top right – Wikimedia / Woman-Panel: pressmaster – Adobe / Group bottom left – Martin Rausch /

“Political will” is the systemic vector driving governance decision-making. It is often ascribed to courageous politicians, passionate interest groups or the public. In a wise democracy, political will arises from the shared understanding and commitment of all players. So promote practices and institutions that foster the development of wise whole-system political will.

  • Who in the various sectors and on the various sides of this issue do we need to bring together to really thoroughly address it? What kind of engagement would be needed to get to that point? What shared orientation or needs would motivate them to make the effort to co-create solutions or approaches that work for all of them?
  • Although we can get a bunch of diverse stakeholders to come up with policies that would theoretically appeal to many people, how can we best bring the conflicted, confused public around to demand those policies of their leaders?
  • What would happen if we were able to engage millions of diverse people in developing agreeable, workable solutions to this issue that is so dividing us?

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