Pattern #37


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Fullness of Choice

Choice shapes action. Generative choice-making includes creating and influencing our options … the self knowing about how/why we choose … having and developing the capacity and means for effective choice … delving into conversations, understandings and meanings that enable wise choices … and more. So support the fullness of informed, creative, generative and meaningful conscious choice.

  • What conditions support making the best possible individual and collective choices?
  • Are we being enough of the right kind of information – in the right forms – to make a good decision here? How can we take enough into account in order to choose an outcome that actually is good for everyone?
  • Are we sufficiently aware of the internal and external influences shaping our choices? Is there something we should be attending to there?
  • What leads us to believe this is the best approach?
  • How can we set things up so that people are both free and drawn to choices that are good for the whole?
  • Where do the options we are deciding among come from? How much are we shaping them and how much are we being shaped by someone else’s presentation of options?
  • What is the relationship between free choice and the positive kind of “choicelessness” that Buddhists talk about?

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