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A WISE DEMOCRACY PATTERN LANGUAGE is a set of things to keep in mind while developing a wisely self-managed activity, group, organization, community, network, or society.

A PATTERN is a design element or principle that promotes vitality and wholesomeness in a specific realm of human activity and that can show up in many different forms. For more on this definition see link.

A PATTERN LANGUAGE is an interrelated set of such patterns created to help people working in its specific domain to contribute in life-serving ways. For more on this definition see link.

DEMOCRACY is self-governance, especially collective decision-making and action of, by and for those affected or “the people” generally. For more on this definition see link.

A WISE DEMOCRACY is a form of participatory self-governance that routinely creates and implements wise guidance in its public affairs. For more on this definition see link.

COLLECTIVE WISDOM is ongoing collective responsiveness to shared challenges and opportunities that takes into account what needs to be taken into account for long-term broad benefit. For more on this definition go to link.

Different Portals into
Wise Democracy Theory and
Its Pattern Language