American Civil Liberties Union

Amnesty International

Appreciative Systems / J. Vickers

Buddhism, dealing with uncertainity, acceptance, non-attachment, trust, Serenity Prayer

Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

Chaos and complexity sciences

Circle Forward’s Consent approach

Citizen Deliberative Councils

Citizens using cell phone videos for police surveillance etc.

Community Land Trusts

Community Resource and Problem Mapping

Community Supported Agriculture – CSAs

Corporate Social Responsibility

Creative commons license

Cultural Maturity: A Snapshot

Democracy: A Social Power Analysis

Design consciousness in all Public Affairs

Emotional/Empathic capacitance

Environmental Impact Statements

Example of systemic manifestation of empathy/lack of empathy

Expanding our circle of care to all life (à la Einstein)

Focus on personal/local scales within larger fields of information and scales of perspective

From Empathy to Action

Generational Justice Link and Seventh Generation consciousnes

Government transparency – publicizing legislation with citizen engagement like

Guaranteed minimum income (and, to a lesser extent, minimum wage)

Mentoring, recognizing and enhancing the unique gifts of individuals

Multiple Viewpoint Drama

Negative social effects of wealth inequality – Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”

Nonviolence (e.g. Gene Sharp – The Einstein Institute)

Our Children’s Trust Suit

Patterns of Commoning

Paulo Freire’s book and therapies for oppressed people that recognize the heroism of the work they do to survive in the oppressive environment and empowers them to change it

P2P Foundation

Polarity Management

Progressive income tax, wealth tax, and speculative financial transactions tax

Random selection in decision-making bodies and in selection for scarce resources and opportunities or for making undesirable sacrifices.

School of Commoning

Science-based evolutionary perspective

Southern Poverty Law Center

Tapping (for anxiety)

The Commons Short and Sweet (Bollier)

The cooperative movement

The precautionary principle

The Third Side – William Ury

Total corporate responsibility

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

US Bill of Rights

Watchdog groups and whistle blowers and defenders of whistleblowers

list to be completed – work in progress