Using the DOWNLOAD button you can download the complete Wise Democracy pattern language deck and associated documents:

DOWNLOAD 1 – The Card Deck:

Pages 1-19: The Pattern Cards 1-70

Pages 20-22: The Category Cards

Pages 23-24: The Challenge Cards

Page 25: The backside in color

Page 26: The backside in black and white

DOWNLOAD 1 – The Card Deck
DOWNLOAD 1 – The Card Deck – US Letter

DOWNLOAD 2 – The Associated Documents:

Page 1: The Wise Democracy Model

Page 2: Overview of the Patterns

Page 3: The Venn Diagram

Page 4-5: Overview of the Pattern Categories

Page 6-7: Overview of the Challenges

Page 8-9: Activities and Exercises

DOWNLOAD 2 – Ass. Documents
DOWNLOAD 2 – Ass. Documents – US Letter

DOWNLOAD 3 –  Wise Democracy’s Most Fundamental Principle – 12 pages

DOWNLOAD 3 – The Prime Directive – Intern.-A4-Version
DOWNLOAD 3 – The Prime Directive – US Letter

DOWNLOAD  – Deutsch / German

1 – Das 3D Modell der weisen Demokratie – 1 S.
(The 3D Wise Democracy Model)

2 – Das grundlegende Prinzip der weisen Demokratie – 12 S.
(Wise Democracy’s Most Fundamental Principle)

DOWNLOAD – Die 3D Modell
DOWNLOAD – Das grundlegende Prinzip


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Tom Atlee helps us envision, in amazing detail, how we can shape democracy we believe in because we are creating it together. – Frances Moore Lappé, author of Diet for a Small Planet and EcoMind

Incredible resource. Thanks for putting it together. I’m looking forward to taking it to the areas that I work and advocate in. By the way, that CII newsletter than you just sent blew me away. Yes I think our species is at risk, and I absolutely see the value in the work you’ve been doing. Over the years, it’s consistently been the only thing that has ever made sense to me as a way to address those challenges. The newsletter inspired me to come and watch the webinar tour you did and was recorded, and to re-engage. Thank you. – Dan Gooden

Integrating even a portion of what Tom Atlee shares on Wise Democracy, will greatly improve our ability to realize our highest aspirations and potential. I suggest reading a pattern daily for reflection and experimenting. – Steve Waddell, PhD, MBA

Tom Atlee shows us how we can harness our collective wisdom to discern the way forward in these complex and challenging times.  Inspiring and highly recommended! – William Ury, co-author, GETTING TO YES and author, THE THIRD SIDE

Tom Atlee offers a fresh and penetrating perspective on the creation of a wise democracy.  His pattern language work expands and connects our understandings of power, participation, and wisdom into a new and compelling synthesis for making a difference in today’s challenged world. – Juanita Brown and David Isaacs

What Tom Atlee is writing about is just about the most important thing that’s happening at the beginning of the 21st century. – Paul H. Ray, Ph.D., co-author of The Cultural Creatives