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Credit: Martin Rausch inspired by Sociocracy

When informed by relevant dissent, feedback and the life energy and range of tolerance of those involved, collective consent can allow for initiative, experimentation, and distribution of roles. If free of manipulation, consent dynamics can foster collective responsiveness, vitality and development, individually and collectively. So mindfully tap the power of consent to liberate the energies of engaged self-organization.

  • How do I feel about this line of activity or inquiry, or this proposal?
  • How strongly do I feel any concerns or objections – and do they seem really important to what the group is trying to do? What would be lost and gained if I let the group proceed here? How about you?
  • How can we free up the creative initiative in our group without going too far off the rails?
  • What do we need to know and remain mindful of about how consent can be manipulated for purposes that are not healthy for our group (or community or society)?
  • What kinds of concerns or objections should be considered more (or less) seriously than others, and why?
  • What can help us delegate power – upward, downward, and peerwise – without having it distort our ability to function wisely and well?
  • What approaches to answerability can help us ensure things get done well and fairly without burdening people with too much paperwork and oversight?
  • What activities, functions or roles are overwhelming those responsible or are taking too much group decision time, that would be better handled by delegating them to someone else or to a subgroup?

Going Deeper …

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Examples and Resources

  • Ecosystem of Consent video – Link
  • Other resources for this pattern are under development and will appear shortly.