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Using the DOWNLOAD button below you can download
the complete Wise Democracy Pattern Language deck with all 70 patterns and associated documents.


Page 1: The Wise Democracy Model

Page 2: The Venn Diagram with the patterns

Page 3-4: Overview of the Challenges and their resolving patterns

Page 5-6: Challenge Cards

Page 7: Overview of the Pattern Categories

Pages 8-10: Category Cards 1-9

Page 11: Overview of the Patterns

Pages 12-29: Pattern Cards 1-70

Pages 30: Blank cards for creating your own pattern cards

Page 31: The backside of the cards

Page 32: How to use the Wise Democracy Pattern Language (coming soon)



1 – After downloading and printing the cards you can use the slim dividers on the four sides of the page for cutting the page cleanly.

2 – The layout has been done to meet both US and european page standards. The material has been designed using european paper dimensions. After printing the cards on US letter you only need to trim 3/8″ off the left and right sides of each full page (before cutting out the cards) to get the proportions right.

3 – The resolution is 144 ppi. The resolution 300 ppi for standard-quality printing is upon request available. Please contact:

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